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Aunt Vivian Fisher Makes History, Graduates From High School at 98-Years Old

So many of us have dreams deferred and only hope of ever achieving them. Just remember, It’s never too late to accomplish your goals. Last week my 98-year old great Aunt Vivian Fisher graduated from Monrovia High School. She could not graduate with her class because she had to leave school to take care of her family, as far too many had to during that generation. As they wheeled her across that stage, I know she was filled with pride and a whole lot of “hey look at me!.” She loves being the center of attention.

98-year-old woman graduates from Monrovia High School [Video]
image courtesy of ABC 7 Eyewitness News

When CBS news showed up and spoke with her, she told them, “Stay in school and be somebody! Being a nobody… anybody can do that.”

Sounds just like my Aunt Vivian! She’s a straight no chaser type of person.

As proud as I am of my Aunt Vivian, a firecracker that sneaks in a few cigarettes whenever someone will let her, I am equally proud of another woman who selflessly helped this day happen for my Auntie. My Grandma Betty. A 78-year-old lifelong nurse, educator, and primary caretaker of Aunt Vivian. Aunt Vivian has a superstar support team, but Grandma Betty was the driving force to get Aunt Vivian back home. When COVID-19 hit, Aunt Vivian was staying in an assisted living facility. My Granny could not stand for her to be there. Although the facility is excellent and free from outbreaks, they were taking safety measures to protect the residents, which meant that Aunt Vivian would not be able to have visitors and had minimal contact with others, which was unacceptable to Grandma Betty. Instead of heading back to the nursing home, if she would have even been able to leave, Vivian was able to go home and be with her family after her big day.

You see, I am related to Aunt Vivian by marriage. My Grandma Betty is my grandfather’s second wife. She married my grandfather after he and my grandmother had eight kids and parted ways. I love my hubby, but eight kids is a lot. However, she jumped in headfirst and never looked back.

My Granny and I are especially close. I lived with her most of my childhood. My mom had me when she was 14, and it was not that she could not raise me, but living with my grandmother gave me other opportunities. Living with my Grannie allowed me to grow up in a place like Monrovia, a small city in the Foothills of Southern California. I was able to go to a private school, take piano lessons, and be a Brownie. She was always looking for ways to enrich my life; her loved ones, and her community. She has indeed made a difference in my Aunt Vivian’s life and so the lives of so many others. My Magazine, Ellese & Co, is rooted in the values that she taught me. Be more and give more!

Many Congrats to Aunt Vivian, and thank you to the City of Monrovia. Go Wildcats!

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