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5 Tips for Sending Emails that Don’t Get Deleted

As an Entrepreneur, your livelihood is built on results. These days so much of that building happens in your inbox. Despite what you may have heard, email is still “king.” This is evident by the sheer volume of emails you receive, which is why it’s critical that you implement these tips to ensure your emails don’t hit the trash bin before they are read.

Here are a few tips to help ensure your emails don’t get deleted.

Clear Subject Line

I don’t know about you, but I like to know what I’m getting myself into before I open an email. The subject line helps me understand just that. It should be an accurate reflection of the contents of the email. Therefore, you should never leave the subject line blank. Not only will your email most likely be overlooked, but it may also be flagged as spam.

You should also limit the number of words in your subject line. There is no need for complete sentences. Use dashes and parentheses to help with the flow of your words.

Finally, if you are making a request or if an action is required, the subject line should indicate such.

Request for Conference Speakers — DUE MAY 5

Potential Collaboration (Branding Webinar) – Deadline MAY 15

ACTION REQUIRED – Design Services (Logo Needed by 5/15)

Be Clear and Concise

Stick to the subject and use as few words as possible in the body of your email. Ask for what you need, a decision, information, an action, etc., just be concise. It should be crystal clear as to why you are contacting the recipient. If background information is needed, give them the “Cliff Notes” version. No one has time to read a novel via email.

In the event a long email is required, take the time to format it. Use headings and formatting tools such as bullets, colors, bold, italics, and/or underlining to convey your message.

Keep it Professional

Don’t send business emails from your personal email account (i.e. [email protected]). G-Suite by Google is a super affordable option to get an account with your business domain name. If you can not invest the time right now, at the very least, set up a Gmail account with your first and last name or the name of your business (no nicknames).

Don’t be too Laid Back

“Hey Girl, Hey,” may be acceptable for writing to a friend or on social media; however, in business, it can come off as inappropriate and unprofessional. Requests, collaborations, etc., are serious business, and you most likely don’t know the recipient well enough to be so casual with them.

Double-Check Your Work

This goes without saying, we all make mistakes, but don’t be sloppy. Excessive typos, all caps, or all lower case letters can lead to an unprofessional impression of you or that you may be a spammer.

While some of these things may seem super simple, I can’t even count the number of emails that I have received where people get these things wrong. Before sending an email, just think about the type of email you would want to receive; what would impress you?

Don’t let your important message fall on deaf ears simply because you failed to package it properly.

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