Black woman working at a computer in an office, side view
Black woman working at a computer in an office, side view
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The Mindset Of An Exceptional Employee & How It Connects to Job Stability

“Job stability is the ability to make a living in your field through various means.”

According to Dorie Clark, Professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, “The secret to thriving in the future, he says, is “‘learning to learn.’ What you ‘know’ doesn’t matter nearly as much as your ability to learn new things and apply those to new scenarios and environments.”

The mindset of an exceptional employee is one who constantly reinvents himself/herself and has the following traits:

  • They show up to give their best performance each day.
  • They are leaders but also team players
  • They are willing to contribute to the common good of the team
  • They are results and solution-oriented.
  • They are adaptable/not afraid of change
  • They stay on a journey of continuous growth and development.
  • They are coachable
  • They listen to others
  • They are positive influencers.
  • They do more than is expected of them
  • They are honest & communicate well.

Building a strong personal brand takes effort and consistency.

The employee who wants stability knows that they must stand out as best in the field, not just in expertise, but well-rounded and strongly branded. My personal motto is to give more value in any relationship than I receive. In every interaction, with every person, people can see my personal characteristics and attributes of excellence because I have worked hard to live those values.

It was not always this way though.  There was a time when I did not consider how my actions were impacting my career or relationships.  There was a time when my name and a high standard of excellence did not connect.  There was a time when my routine existence did not create a pathway for my success. During these times, I was often depressed, and angry about my lack of profitability. We tend to leave our personal brands to chance.  We tend to focus more on educational accomplishments and mentorship leaving building a powerful brand on the sidelines.

How much thought have you given to how leveling up your personal brand can improve your life? You have the power to recreate your life and to build a strong personal brand. You have the power to create the type of brand you want people to associate with you.

It is okay if you are not sure how. Here are some tips to help elevate your brand:
  • Show up dressed for your next level of success.
  • Be teachable 
  • Improve your communication skills (Speaking, Listening & Asking Questions)
  • Play well with others
  • Ask for new growth opportunities
  • Stay open to new possibilities

Using the worksheet attached, create your personal brand improvement plan then put it into action.  A plan is just a plan.  It takes action to make that plan reality. You have the power!  Reach out and grab it!

For a full video on how to build a strong personal brand, click here!
Duquesa Dean
DDOGC Consultant Solutions | Website

Duquesa is a credible, passionate & insightful Speaker and Trainer. She loves helping others to reach the next level and become more productive. Duquesa’s approach to business and process improvement has at its core, people development.  She is a firm believer that people matter and with proper teaching, coaching, and inspiration they can meet or exceed individual goals or business expectations.

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