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Beginners Guide To Using Social Media To Boost Your Salon Marketing Strategy

Having a salon marketing strategy based on your social media presence is undoubtedly more significant now than ever. Potential clients are using google and their social media platforms to find new salon homes routinely. For salon owners, this is excellent news. Potential clients search habits mean that marketing your salon business is more cost-effective than ever before.

According to Oxford Languages, Marketing Strategies “is a plan of action designed to promote and sell a product or service.” It’s also the long-term game plan used for continuous growth. Your salon marketing plan will and should consist of many salon marketing strategies, but one, in particular, is paramount. I’ll share it with you now.  

The first time I incorporated social media into my salon marketing plan, there was a 20% increase in new clients. Hence, I was able to share my salon event ideas and salon promotions with the new clients who would offer their feedback in-turn. Subsequently, their feedback helped create a better salon marketing strategy that brought in even more clients. Simple, right!

Below, you’ll learn:

  • The right way to create a social presence for marketing your salon.
  • Which social platforms to use and why. Plus, how to promote your salon using each network.
  • How to easily create your social media content daily doing what you do anyway.
  • The overall foundation of a salon social media marketing plan.
Let’s first start by establishing a social presence. Here’s how:

The first thing you want to do is clean up your social media.

Your work is on display consistently online. Remove any material that is not in alignment with your brand. By this, I mean, if you have photos or posts that aren’t relevant to your business or are too personal, you should remove them. If it’s too many, consider creating a separate page for your work altogether. Furthermore, delete photos and videos that are not clear or in focus. You want your potential customer to see only your best.  

Next is to update your contact information.

It should be crystal clear about how to get in contact with you and your salon. Have a Google map link to your location on your page. And with that said, check to make sure all pages and post links are working correctly. When someone wants to schedule an appointment by phone or online, there should not be any roadblocks. 

Lastly, the fun part.

Use tools like CanvaHootsuite, and Buffer to design and schedule your post. Using social media management tools will save you a lot of time and propel your salon marketing to a new level.

Overall, just focus on, and learn the essential functions of the platforms.

Tackling social media for your salon marketing may seem like a daunting task, which is why you only need to know the necessary features to establish your salon. Now, let’s uncover the platforms you need to know and how you should plan to use them.

I’m sure you know there are many platforms you can utilize to market your salon. But let’s be clear, you don’t need to use them all, however, you should use the following:
  • Instagram – is like your salon’s portfolio and for storytelling about hair care maintenance. Like any portfolio, it could follow a theme. You can use a tool like Later.com to layout your page and schedule posts.
  • Facebook – is like your scheduling system and customer support page all-in-one. One main point to consider is that your Facebook usually ranks first in Google when someone searches for your salon. With that said, be sure to have easy access for clients to book appointments on your page. Direct messages can be used for potential client questions and use your timeline to share customer experiences. 
  • Pinterest – is probably the most “slept-on” platform for salon marketing. Pinterest is like a happy hour, hang out spot. It allows you to create a collection of photos (called pins) that can lead potential clients to your social platforms. The fun part about it is that you can get creative and show more of what your brand is into unlike on other platforms. You can let your hair down on Pinterest. Pun intended. 
  • LinkedIn – is all business and no play. This platform is excellent for your salon to find and build a team of beauty professionals, receptionists, assistants, and salon management personnel. Be sure to add your bio and your salon’s goals and mission on your LI page. 

Now that you have a salon presence and understand the four leading platforms’ essential functions and strategies, potential clients (and team members) can find your salon business. The next step is assembling the salon’s content.

Creating Good Social Media Content

You don’t need a fancy salon marketing agency to create good content for your social networks. Here, I’m going to share the easiest way to create social media content for your salon daily so that it isn’t overwhelming. 

Use Before-and-After Photos 

There’s nothing like a great before and after picture or a collection of photos showing your best work. Create a clean background or use an uncluttered area for taking pictures. I prefer a wall with your salon logo or a wall with great lighting. Natural lighting is best, but there’s also the option of purchasing a ring light from Amazon. Make sure the photo is in focus. Blurred images make your work look messy and undervalued. High-quality pictures show that you are professional, and they allow you to showcase your best skills. 

Document Makeovers 

People love makeovers. Use your phone camera and record the step by step transformation of a client’s makeover process. You can capture a full color or haircut transformation then and share it as part of the salon marketing at a later date. Only record a portion of it live. The live option does not need to be in the entire process but a snippet of the color application or the haircut in progress. Capturing makeovers is the best proof that you can provide to a potential client of your skills and professional process. Not to mention that they will see your beautiful salon on camera first-hand.

Record Client Testimonials

Have you ever watched a testimonial video so compelling that you want the same service? Client testimonial videos tell the real story of their hair journey and highlight the salon experience. So, get the client’s testimonial documented and have them share their salon experience and why they recommend your salon. In the same area for photos, record your client with your phone or any handheld camera. Be sure to have everything set up beforehand and have your client share their experience before leaving the salon. Showcase the testimonial live on your social media platforms and then post the recorded version later; this way, you get two bangs for your bucks. You need a tripod for this; I recommend purchasing one from Best Buy or Amazon. 

Create Branded Posts 

I recommend using apps or platforms such as PhontoPicCollegeInshot, or, as mentioned earlier, Canva for creating simplistic salon marketing material. You can create hair and maintenance tips that clients can implement. Share hair product knowledge and recommendations that are used by the staff of your salon. Also, design a collection of memes or quotes with your salon logo. 

Now that you have content to engage with your new salon clients, you can create a salon marketing plan.

Throughout her 20 years in the beauty industry, ElishaMonique has achieved everything most hairstylists set out to do. Top industry magazines have published her work, earning her a position with Matrix L'Oreal as an artistic director. She owned and operated, Defining Beauty Salon Suites, while traveling across the country to top industry trade shows platforming and competing at a high level. ElishaMonique moved on to become a sought after celebrity hairstylist and thought leader in the industry. Currently, teaching other beauty industry professionals how to succeed in the industry is what she does best. ElishaMonique teaches and consults other salon owners and beauty professionals through her membership platform, Build Your Salon Business (www.buildyoursalonbusiness.com), and continues to win in this everchanging industry.

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