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This Entrepreneur Went From Bad Credit & An Empty Bank Account To Owning Her Own Ice Cream Shop

Known to her 102K Instagram followers by her mononym Trishonna, this entrepreneur and ice cream restaurateur is not only serving decadence in-house but sprinkles our timelines with invaluable business coaching gems that helped her earn six figures within sixty days of her store’s grand opening. 

As a social media marketing maven, she has also leveraged her following to establish her dominance in the business coaching space as she daily delivers tips to other aspiring entrepreneurs on how to create a solid business plan to secure full funding from angel investors and microlenders with zero personal startup funds.

The critical key ingredients to her success she has shared are not pristine credit or matured savings but resilience and discipline, even in the absence of inspiration. As Trishonna has quoted in one of her reels, “when inspiration wears off, it takes discipline to see the vision through.” 

Along with her business partner, her well-researched business plan has allowed her to find great success in her Omaha, Nebraska-based rolled ice cream shop and served as the gateway to the multiplicity of entrepreneurial endeavors underway as she is on the verge of opening franchises of her company in Miami and Los Angeles, in addition to direct shipping to buyers from their site to your doorstep, nationally. 

“When inspiration wears off, it takes discipline to see the vision through…”

Her vision has always been rooted in her million-dollar mindset that she cultivated even with a bad credit score, which never stood as a deterrent to her success. She shared in a previous Hollywood Unlocked interview that she hopes Mixins will be the Chick-Fil-A of ice cream businesses when it comes to unmatched customer service.

The excellence she exudes is embedded into the training of all her employees, who interact with every customer from the time that they arrive until the time that they exit the premises. Trishonna’s power of discipline superseded her circumstances and placed her on an upward trajectory that is just getting started.

If you desire to go from flat broke to a six-figure business owner, a solid business plan may be the missing piece to your puzzle. This year, consider researching angel investors and microlenders to support your hustle. 
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