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Why Content Marketing Matters!

Now more than ever, it matters that business owners are sending the right message. When circumstances cause consumer habits to change, the businesses that can adapt their messaging to suit the current reality come out on top. Business owners tend to only think about the bottom line, but without customers, no business can survive. With competition increasing and customers becoming wiser about the brands they connect with and support, creating content is a great way to stand out and speak to your target customer in a way they’ll clearly understand and resonate with.

Your content marketing matters because your relationships with customers, partners, and peers matter. Your content marketing allows you to maximize your promotional effectiveness and attract the right people. Consider this: every blog, social post and/or video presents a chance to “meet” a potential customer at the place where they need support along the buying journey. You can anticipate and create the conversations that a customer will be looking for to help them determine what to buy when they’re ready to buy it. To top it off, this can be done without spending a lot of money! When you are investing in advertising, being a proficient content creator will help tremendously. You still need to have something to say in your ads!

“Creating content is a great way to stand out and speak to your target customer in a way they’ll clearly understand and resonate with.”

According to a study by DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads. If you’re currently investing in traditional advertising to get leads, consider investing in content to nurture those leads.

Toot Your Own Horn

When you’re creating content, you’re able to professionally toot your own horn while deepening your connection with your audience. When your followers, viewers, and subscribers hear from you consistently, they’re able to get to know you and trust your perspective. You become more credible, more relevant and your business reaches more people. Starting a business isn’t as tricky as it once was, and anybody can pop up online with something to sell. Your content is proof that potential customers and clients can be confident in your skills and how you can help them.

Let People Know About Your Business

You have customers out there that don’t know they need you… yet.  You have an opportunity to put your content to work and build the business you’ve always wanted. Your content marketing matters because it’s an essential ingredient in generating awareness for your business. Your efforts allow you to position yourself as an expert, guide your prospects to the answers they’re looking for, and ultimately offer your products.

Moniek James
Content Marketing Trainer at The Confetti Collective | Website

Moniek James is a veteran, military spouse, speaker, author, columnist and serial online entrepreneur. Her passion is teaching small business owners and brands how to leverage content marketing to deliver their genius to the world. Moniek has been featured in the Huffington Post, Fit Small Business, VoyagePhoenix and Vitality Magazine and believes that entrepreneurship is a building block to economic empowerment.

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