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5 Tips for Sending Emails that Don’t Get Deleted

As an Entrepreneur, your livelihood is built on results. These days so much of that building happens in your inbox. Despite what you may have heard, email is still “king.” This is evident by the sheer volume of emails you receive, which is why it’s critical that you implement these tips to ensure your emails don’t hit the trash bin before they are read. Here are a few tips to help…
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3 Unconventional Roads To Finding Your Dream Job

SHUT DOWN DUE TO COVID-19. Six months ago, that was a prominent announcement found on doors, in emails, and memorandums across the…

Beginners Guide To Using Social Media To Boost Your Salon Marketing Strategy

Having a salon marketing strategy based on your social media presence is undoubtedly more significant now than ever. Potential clients are…

Dealing With Unsupportive Friends When Running A Business

With a fed-up culture of Black people being mistreated, overlooked, and suppressed, communities are coming together to support black-owned…