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Word of the Year!

For some, a new year represents a new slate. For most, it’s a time to set goals and align aspirations in a way that will ultimately deliver a better version of ourselves as the year draws to a close. This critical exercise requires that we be intentional, committed, and focused on the ultimate objective of obtaining the correct results. 

Some people prefer going the New Year resolutions route, but many, including the BWMB team, are opting to instill a sense of accountability with the Word of the Year. Think of it as a mantra or guiding principle meant to guide your decisions and actions to maintain alignment with your goals throughout the year. 

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For instance, choosing AWARE as your word of the year means you aspire to be more conscious and knowledgeable regarding yourself and others.  Below is a guide to help you with the process of coming up with your word of the year.

Take Time for Self-Reflection

An excellent place to start is evaluating the past year by asking yourself a few questions. How did you perform against your set goals? Did you stay true to your previous word of the year? After that, come up with a list of things you do and don’t want to do in 2022. Frame them in the form of questions, and take time to think through your answers carefully. 

Example: What bad habits will I get rid of this year? 


Cast your vision into your ideal future. How does it look? How do you want to feel? What word best describes that future? Remember to do this exercise in a quiet place with little to no distractions. Sitting in stillness allows you to dive deeper within your mind and emotions. It is in those moments where ideas will begin to flow. 

Write Your List

Again, do so in a quiet place, but this time, armed with pen and paper, begin writing down words that come to mind. Don’t overthink it. Don’t self-edit. Just write. Your words can be anything from resilience and confidence to joy and contentment. 

Narrow It Down

Once you have your list of words, we move to review and refine it. Narrow things down to words that truly speak to you or you believe will guide you through the year. Ideally, this should not be more than three words. You may notice, however, that there is a common theme amongst the words you wrote. Forming a theme is an indication you are on the right path to finding one word. Take time to think about those words, test them in context, and see what feels right. 

The Ultimate Test

Remember, your word of the year is all about committing fully to it. Ask yourself – which of these words inspires my sense of commitment? Being committed to your word means you will do whatever it takes to implement that word and manifest more of it into your life to promote meaningful change. Again, take all the time you need to think about it until you can promise yourself 100% commitment to that one and final word. 

Share for Accountability

In the same way, we share our goals with accountability partners in the same way you ought to handle your word of the year. If you are committed enough, then you’ll want someone to keep you in check. 

We wish you all the best, and we hope this helps guide you in choosing your Word for the Year. Share with us your Word of the Year on social media using #BWMB and share it in the Black Women Mean Business Group. If you are not a member, you can join at www.joinbwmb.com 

We look forward to seeing your growth and success!


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