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On the MOVE with Deja Riley

Deja Riley is a motivational force to be reckoned with.

Never one to depend on nepotism, Riley, a Georgia native, forged her own very successful path by relocating out west to sunny Southern California.


After migrating to Los Angeles, Deja quickly began establishing connections within the dance community resulting in a chance encounter with veteran award-winning choreographer, Laurieann “Boomkack” Gibson [Michael Jackson, Beyoncé]. A position as Gibson’s assistant was soon offered, ultimately leading to a very high-profile gig – dancing alongside the one and only Lady Gaga. 

Although she would go on to dance with some of the biggest all-around entertainers – Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Trey Songz, and the aforementioned Queen B herself – performing with the global superstar at the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show – throughout the next decade, Riley eventually made the courageous to forge a new career in the fitness space. 

Finally able to focus on something that made her genuinely happy – the ability to empower others – she would soon go on to launch Deja Riley Athletics, combining both her love for dance and fitness. 

In October 2018, Deja married her longtime boyfriend, Jimmy Izydorczyk [née Izydorczyk]. “That is my best friend. That is my confidant. That is my favorite travel partner. That is the love of my life. That is the future father of my children. I just, I love that man,” she gushes, blushing.

Further expressing her bliss, she continues, “he has truly taught me how to love myself more. I think that is why I fell so deeply in love with him. We met eight years ago at a friend’s house at a New Year’s Eve party. We just hit eight years of being together and three years married this past October. It is just one of the most beautiful journeys. I think that having a life partner, having a forever teammate is one of the greatest gifts that God can give you. I’m so happy he put me with this man.”

As the first dancer and Black female boxing brand ambassador for lululemon, trainer for MIRROR interactive home gym, the host of her own YouTube channel, DANCE OUT OF THE BOX (a shadowboxing and dance cardio fusion), and serving as Director of Culture for the organization Fit For Us, Deja continues to break barriers and knockdown stereotypes. Living the dream while making a long-lasting impact on the fitness industry. 

Sweaty Smile Squad, Mount Up!


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