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Kandi Comes With It…

Many of us believe in giving props where it’s due. In the music industry, we recognize many greats who have continued to keep their dreams alive by showcasing the very gifts and talents that have made them who they are and carried them for decades. Kandi is a name that some folks to this day STILL don’t realize carries just as much weight as some of the most popular R&B, pop, and hip hop artists from the 90s to now. Her resume speaks for itself, yet it extends beyond her sound that touches the soul. Kandi is about her BUSINESS! From bedroom intimacy and healthy sex education to curbing all your Southern cravings, Kandi is not a name you should take lightly. Give this woman her flowers, but understand she’s far from finished. Enisha & Kandi will blow your mind as they talk about success, struggles and the importance of having family with you as you build your brands!

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