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I Fired My Boss: 3 Tips For Quitting Your Job During A Global Pandemic

Prior to 2020, I was always your typical 9-5 corporate worker. After finishing undergrad, I thought I wanted to work at a marketing firm or writing for a major publication. I found out very soon that it was hard to get in my field with white corporations, so I made it my business to seek Black media — which I felt would be a better fit because, well, I’m Black. 

I knew if I found the right Black brand that fit my morals and identity that I would be set. I assumed that I wouldn’t come across any problems because I shared the same race and gender as my coworkers. Little did I know, I was in for the complete opposite. 

I started writing for a Black media brand that I felt was the true embodiment of everything I stand for back in December 2019. They covered the topics outside of the surface-level content that most brands would cover when it came to discussing Black women like self-care, politics, money, relationships, astrology, and so much more. I just knew that this would be the perfect fit for my passion and my career. 

I was so excited to come on board as a contributing writer and eventually, I was promoted to another role. The growth was fast and I felt supported at the time. I was working closely with the founder and CEO of the brand, which meant that I would be able to learn from her as I navigate my writing journey. After parting ways with my last full-time job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I was able to juggle the two roles because the income was consistent. But once I become an entrepreneur, my salary needs changed. The role that had seemed to the job from heaven slowly started becoming a drag because as the workload increased, the pay didn’t.

I was happy to be one of the faces to represent a brand that supports Black women, but inside I was slowly dying. 

I felt ungrateful because others would kill to be in my shoes, but was it worth my peace of mind? Was it worth struggling and trying to juggle multiple gigs? Eventually, I had to say no. 

Each day, it got harder to fulfill my duties because I feel like I wasn’t being real with myself. How can I promote positivity, growth, and love for Black women if I didn’t feel this way? I couldn’t do it anymore. It broke my heart that I was walking away from the job that I thought was the perfect fit. 

Before this experience, I was never the type to walk away from a job out of necessity. I was too fearful of struggling, but at some point in your journey, it really does become you versus the world.

You have to do what’s best for you, so I will leave you with 3 tips. 

Be Prepared

Since we’re in a pandemic, I am in no way saying leave your job without something lined up! I am saying prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally because you are your number one fan. No one is going to have your back as you do, so if you’re thinking about transitioning into another role or entrepreneurship make sure that you have the mental capacity. I’ve learned so much about myself since my transition — some of it is beautiful, but other parts can be ugly. 

Develop Your Network 

Your network really is your net worth. Before transitioning, nourish the relationships that you have in your market. When I took the leap of faith, I was already working with my mentor who was helping me with my solopreneurship. Because I developed valuable relationships, I was able to get some side gigs to help me maintain a consistent income.

Trust Yourself + Know Your Worth 

There is no rule book for quitting. I know we’ve all read hundreds of personal, touching stories as to why someone quits their job, but please remember, do what feels right for your soul. This journey is yours and so are your dreams.

Believe in yourself because you’re worthy. It also helps to have a community that understands and accepts you for you. 

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