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Essential Oils That Give You An Energy Boost

I’m someone who is all about essential oils. They smell amazing (most of them, anyway). They’ve got a
billion different health benefits. And, for the most part, they are cost-effective. So, if you’re someone
who’s been feeling a little low on fuel lately and you want something that can perk you up other than
coffee or an energy drink, I’m about to share five different essential oils that are sure to put a lil’ more
pep into your step. No joke.

Five Super-Energizing Essential Oils

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When you really stop to think about it, mint is pretty invigorating. If you use mint mouthwash, doesn’t it
immediately perk you up? If you put a piece of mint gum into your mouth, doesn’t it help you to stay
awake during the last few hours of your workday? Exactly. These are the main reasons why I’m leading
off with peppermint essential oil. Health-wise, the menthol that’s in it can help to ease headaches, is
able to strengthen your hair and, if you’re someone who deals with motion sickness (or you’re pregnant
and you’re battling bouts of morning sickness), it’s awesome when it comes to handling nausea too. And
yes, if you’re looking for a bit of a pick-me-up, peppermint is awesome at combating fatigue and even
improving your workout performance if you happen to go to the gym during your lunch break or at the
end of the day.


I don’t know about you, but to me, there is something that is, “refreshing” is the word that comes to
mind, about smelling anything citrusy. Aside from that, what’s awesome about orange and lemon
essential oils is they’re able to help you out when it comes to reducing depression-related feelings,
improving cold symptoms, relieving pain and discomfort, treating acne, and also making you feel more
alert and revived. Not only can they give you more energy but they’re also able to increase your
brainpower. Definitely good to know if you’ve got a last-minute deadline or project to finish.

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Rosemary oil is something that I typically use on my hair and scalp. I do it because it’s soothing and helps
to reduce breakage. Oh, but don’t sleep on it for many other reasons too. There are studies to support
that rosemary oil is able to improve your memory, ease feelings of stress, increase blood circulation
throughout your body, decrease bodily inflammation, and yep, you guessed it—it can give you more
energy as well. In fact, many people claim to be mentally refreshed after taking a whiff of this particular
scent, and when you factor in everything else it can do, why not give it a shot?

Balsam Fir

If you like the smell of pine, you’ll adore this particular essential oil. Although Balsam Fir isn’t one that
you hear about on a daily basis, it makes the list because it contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
properties that help to clear up congestion. Some added bonuses include it’s an oil that can reduce your
anxiety levels and also help you to sleep more soundly at night. Since pine is invigorating, it’s also an oil
that can increase your energy levels; some even say it makes them feel more confident and secure.


Personally, one of my all-time favorite essential oils is cinnamon. It has a sweet taste. It provides a
warming effect. And it’s got a pretty good reputation when it comes to things like boosting your libido,
stabilizing your blood sugar, improving your digestion, and even treating fungal infections. Since
cinnamon oil also contains the chemical compound cinnamaldehyde, it is able to turn fat cells into
energy while making you feel more alert throughout the day.

How to Get the Greatest Energy Boosts from Them

Now that you know which essential oils can make you feel energized, here are a few tips for how to get
the most of out ‘em.

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  • Get an oil diffuser. If you want to make your entire space smell like one of these oils, you should definitely invest in an oil diffuser. It basically breaks the oil down into tiny particles, so that it can easily disperse into the air. As far as deciding which one is best, The New York Times did a 2021 review of several. You can check it out here.
  • Mix the oil with a carrier oil. This tip is something that I personally do. If you mix 5-7 drops of essential oil to a couple of teaspoons of avocado, grapeseed, sweet almond, or coconut oil and then apply the combo to your body right after getting out of the shower and before drying off, the oil will“seal” the moisture and fragrance into your skin for most of your day.
  • Apply the oil directly. Another option is to apply a little bit of the oil directly to your hair, your clothing(rub it between your hands and then rub so that you don’t get oil marks), or to certain pressure points like your temples or your wrists. You should instantly feel uplifted.

Some days are harder than others. I promise if you give these essential oils a shot, you’ll not only
feel more energized but you can feel good about what caused you to get there.


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